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FGN to help Moro refugees in Sabah and Mindanao PDF Print E-mail
20 October 2008, Future Global Network (FGN) Foundation, a network of Malaysian NGOs affiliated with the Union of NGOs in the Islamic World (UNIW) based in Istanbul, Turkey, has undertaken a survey of the status of Moro refugees in Sabah early this year. The finding indicates roughly more than 50% of refugee children between the ages of six and ten are out of school. More than 60% of teenagers and beyond are growing illiterates who cannot totally read and write, either in Arabic or English.
ImageCurrently, FGN is involved in looking after the manifold problems of the Rohingya refugees from Arakan, Myanmar (Burma) in West Malaysia .
After series of deliberations on the various problems and priorities needed to gradually ease the burden of the Moro refugees in Sabah, FGN has decided to tackle the educational problems of children first. The out-of-school ones between the ages of six and ten are estimated to be around 20,000 or more.
FGN laments over the failed GRP – MILF MoA signing PDF Print E-mail

13 August 2008

Future Global Network (FGN) Foundation, an NGO that seeks to highlight and redress the plight of colonized and stateless Muslims, highly regrets the last-minute cancellation of the historic signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain for the Bangsamoro people in Muslim Mindanao, between the Philippine Government (GRP) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) at Putrajaya, Malaysia on August 5, 2008. The international community had so much focused their attention to the historic occasion with high hopes that peace would soon return to Muslim Mindanao where Moro fronts and the Philippine government have been at war over the issue of self-determination for more than three decades since the early Seventies.
It is very unfortunate that the euphoria of the historic occasion was overshadowed by the temporary restraining order issued by the Philippine Supreme Court by virtue of the petition filed by some Mindanao politicians whose constituencies have been affected by the issue of Moro Ancestral Domain. Local politicians have voiced displeasure for not being properly briefed by the government about the modalities of the Memorandum of Agreement on the issue. For that reason, they rallied their non-Muslim constituents to oppose the agreement for fear that it might be against their interests. However, some observers believe that the whole episode has been orchestrated by the ‘hawkish elements’ within the government. 

Appeal for moratorium PDF Print E-mail

Future Global Network Foundation, an NGO that seek to instill international awareness for the plight of stateless people and the deprived lot, appeals to the State government and police authorities in Sabah for moratorium in carrying out operations against illegal immigrants. We have been receiving reports about rough handling and indiscriminate arrests and detention that victimize even those with valid travel and identification documents, sometimes without human compunction.

ImageIt is disheartening to note that Tausug (Suluk) and Sama (Bajau) ‘refugees’ in Sabah, Malaysia are experiencing severe hardships in the hands of the Malaysian police, apparently with the blessing of local authorities. According to media sources, the local authorities are not comfortable with the mushrooming presence of ‘refugees’ whom they indiscriminately call as 'illegal immigrants', especially those coming from the Sultanate of Sulu, the Tausug and Sama.

Misuari vows to take back Sabah PDF Print E-mail

By Zakaria Abdullah, FGN correspondent
The chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), at a meeting with his supporters and friends at Rizal Memorial College Park in Davao City , Muslim Mindanao, on May 24, minced no words on his plan to re-claim Sabah from what he termed as “illegal occupation” by Malaysia .
An estimated 150,000 people from all walks of life, including Moro freedom fighters and Filipino soldiers, turned up at Davao City ’s RMC Park to hear what the MNLF chairman Nur Misuari has to say.
Foremost amongst his guests was HRH Sultan Fuad Kiram I, Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo , and a number of Datus and other dignitaries of the Sulu Sultanate.
Misuari also endorsed Sultan Fuad Kiram I as the undisputed Sultan of Sulu and Sabah , in whose authority the claim shall be carried out.

A Case of Moro History Repeating PDF Print E-mail

By Benhur B. Dandan
Bangsamoro Research Centre

ImageEven as the Bangsamoro People renounced and/or waived their rights over their ancestral homeland, their misfortunes nonetheless continued to befall. Today a group of armed Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) members has vowed to continue the struggle against the Philippine government. They are unhappy with the “appropriated peace” dispensed for their own people. Obviously, they have a point to grind, considering they have traded their right to a homeland for it.
In response to their rebelliousness, however, Manila is vilifying them as “common criminals and terrorists.”  No less than the temporary occupant of Malacanang (presidential palace) has acknowledged them to be so.