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Musim Qurban tiba lagi... PDF Print E-mail

Ibadah Qurban adalah lahir dari peristiwa di mana Nabi Allah Ibrahim diperintahkan oleh Allah untuk menyembelih putera kesayangannya Nabi Ismail, dan Baginda patuh kepada perintah itu.  Dengan kehendak Allah juga Nabi Allah Ismail telah digantikan dengan seekor kibas.

Untuk tahun ini (1433H) Future Global Network (FGN) meneruskan lagi kerjasama dengan Global Peace Mission (GPM) dan Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) untuk projek Qurban di Kemboja dengan harga RM 260 satu bahagian (1/7 bahagian lembu).  Kepada yang berhajat untuk melaksanakan ibadah Qurban di Kemboja melalui FGN hubungi kami seperti maklumat seperti berikut:

Tarikh akhir pendaftaran - 18 Oktober 2012

Maklumat lanjut hubungi - 03-61877020 (Wan Azizah Yusof) atau emel ke This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tabung IFTAR Ramadhan Rohingya PDF Print E-mail

Penglibatan  Future Global Network Foundation (FGN) dalam Isu Rohingya

Dalam menangani isu Rohingya di Malaysia, Future Global Network Foundation (FGN) dan Wadah Pencerdasan Umat Malaysia (WADAH) dengan kerjasama UNHCR telah berjaya membuka dua buah sekolah untuk anak-anak masyarakat Rohingya.  Sekolah yang dinamakan Rohingya Education Centre (REC) telah dibuka dua tahun lalu di Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang dan kini baru saja di buka sebuah lagi di Klang, Selangor.

Manakala dalam usaha membantu masyarakat Rohingya yang sedang ditindas di Arakan, FGN turut membantu menjayakan Tabung IFTAR Ramadhan yang telah dilancarkan oleh Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) dan Global Peace Mission Mission (GPM) yang turut disokong oleh UNIW.  FGN juga adalah salah sebuah NGO dari Malaysia yang menganggotai UNIW dan kini merupakan Sekretariat bagi UNIW Malaysia.


Disertakan juga laporan "fact finding mission" Pengerusi FGN merangkap Ahli Majlis UNIW ke Myanmar pada 11-13 Julai yang lalu.



Rohingya Muslims in Arakan State, located in the west of Myanmar, are under oppression since early June and international community is not aware of the real dimensions of the tyranny and unjust practices applied upon Rohingya people by the Buddhist Rakhines with the support of the police force in the country.


Mr. Ahmed Azam Abdul Rahman, UNIW Council Member for Malaysia & Chairman of Global Peace Mission, Malaysia (GPM), paid a visit to Myanmar between 11 and 13 July in order to make observation about the situation of Muslim Rohingyas in Arakan. We are sharing below the brief report prepared by the visiting delegation.


We strongly condemn indiscriminate shootings and killings of Rohingya Muslims in communal outbreak in Maung Daw Township, Myanmar PDF Print E-mail


11th June 2012

We strongly condemn indiscriminate shootings and killings of Rohingya Muslims in communal outbreak in Maung Daw Township, Myanmar

We severely condemn the indiscriminate shootings and killings of 14 Rohingya Muslims and injuring many others in a communal riot on 8th June 2012 in Maung Daw Township, north of the Arakan State, Myanmar.

According to several reliable information and many tele-conversations, the riot apparently broke out due to the instigated Rakhine Buddhists’ attacks on some Rohingya Muslims while they were returning upon performing Friday congregational prayer at the Monchi Juma’a Prayer Mosque on 8th June 2012, wherein the local police personnel – religious compatriots with the Rakhines –indiscriminately shot on the Muslims, killing 14 of them and seriously injuring dozen others.

Subsequently, a Muslim physician and his wife were arrested by the local police and handed them to the dissatisfied Rakhine Monks who heinously slaughtered them while another group of the violent Rakhine mobs supported by the local police went on rampage later on the same day, whereby at least three villages called Naya Para, Natala Para and Shidda Para were burned down and looted, hundreds of Muslims, including young girls were kidnapped andNaya Para/village Friday Prayer Mosque was torched and destroyed to its ground.

The communal violence quickly spread to southern and northern Maung Daw Township where local Rohingya elders played their elderly roles and peacefully controlled and calmed down the Rohingya masses not to attack on new modal Rakhine villages – new Buddhists-settlements built on the Muslims’ lands-in the Rohingya respective villages in the areas.

According to undeniable sources of our information, the new settlers of the modal villages vide supra were already removed by the instigated Rakhine groups to the unknown safe locations immediately upon the incident in San Dwe, wherein 10 Muslims were killed by the Rakhine Buddhists on 3rd June 2012 in retaliation of killing of a Rakhine woman, allegedly by the three Muslim men in Last May this year.

In such a situation, the report on the burning down of 14 Rakhine modal villages and killings of four Rakhine Buddhists in the areas, allegedly by the Muslims have to be further verified by an independent inquiry commission as the Rohingya Muslims have no guts to do so, and they have been living in the areas in a big concentrated camp heavily guarded by despotic border security forces called Na-Sa-Ka and are well aware of retaliation by way of extra-judicial killings, physical tortures and long imprisonments of thousands of Rohingyas in the event the Buddhist and their property are touched by any of them.

Furthermore, we honestly feel to refute theStar report today at page 36 as headline, “Myanmar villagers flee sectarian clashes” and the whole contents therein are completely inaccurate and untrue as the Rohingyas are not in a position to attack any local Rakhine Buddhists as the Rohingya Muslims have no basic liberty in Myanmar and they always subject to persecution, oppression and suppression not only under the government but also under the local Rakhine Buddhists, even they have no right to make police report if they are attacked by any Rakhine Buddhists, and therefore, the of this nature should not have been reported at the local newspaper like theStar as it might provoke tension between the Rohingya and Rakhine refugees here in Malaysia. Moreover, the sources of information-Myanmar Government mouthpieces-have been proven as unreliable sources in the past.

Since the arrivals of thousands of military personnel in Maung Daw Township and imposing indefinite curfew there, the situation has been seemed under controlled and calmed starting early Saturday. However, the Rohingya Muslims worry and fear that they will be made scapegoats and punished for the wrong of the Rakhine Buddhists as it had been proven so in the past there in Arakan State.

Therefore, we earnestly appeal to the government of Myanmar to launch a fair and just inquiry into the incidents and take stern actions against those who involved in the incidents either directly or indirectly irrespective of their public and government positions and regardless their race and religion.







Future Global Network Foundation (FGN) PDF Print E-mail


The Future Global Network Foundation (FGN) was formed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006 with the aim of providing an alternative vision to the prevailing global political order.

Today, we are moving fast to becoming an increasingly multi-polar world - as seen in the strengthening of the European Union, the growth of countries like China, India, Brazil and also the re-emergence of Russia as the new centre of economic and political power in the world.

In this new equation or multi-polar setting, the majority of Muslims all over the world are still fighting discrimination, injustice and poverty. Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as minorities living in the non-Muslim world are in desperate need of freedom and peace.  In the context of the current global politics and the rapidly fast and ever changing developments in the world today, what would be the position of Islam in a multi-polar world?  Will Islam be able to rise to the occasion?

It is within this context that the FGN has a role to play in raising global awareness of the need for Muslims in particular to strengthen their brotherhood through networking and embarking upon mutually beneficial projects.  The ascendence of the Islamic world as one of the major powers in the global arena depends on the proactive relationship and complimentary roles that should exist between governments and civil societies.





3.1 To formulate a dynamic plan of action aimed at solving problems and issues confronting the ummah in the context of the challenges presented by the New World Order, the hegemony of the dominant powers, as well as  contemporary global politics.

3.2 To create global concern and safety network for the plight of societies and communities that are marginalized and persecuted as well as displaced through calamities and natural disasters.

3.3  To formulate an effective plan of action aimed at creating network and mutual understanding not only between Muslim NGOs but also amongst non-Muslim NGOs in different parts of the world acting in concert towards creating universal peace.



4.1  To address challenges on political and social injustice impacting onworld peace.

4.2  To consolidate and foster a sense of identity and brotherhood among the ummah that includes providing humanitarian and educational needs of marginalised and displaced communities.

4.3  To create and maintain a website aimed at highlighting activities and research findings, articles of scholarly standard, as well as mobilizing public opinion in favour or against policies that may be controversial.

4.4  To create and maintain a comprehensive database that facilitates global networking.

4.5  To organize training for youths, social activists and young professionals in carrying out da’wah work, as well as developing leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

4.6  To organise conferences, fora and talks aimed at highlighting the universalism of Islam in the context of contemporary global politics.

4.7  To publish books and monographs aimed at disseminating research findings and scholarly works of both Muslims and non- Muslims that are in consonance with the objectives of FGN.


FGN is headed by Bro. Ahmad Azam bin Abdul Rahman, the former President (from 1997 to 2005) of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (aka ’ABIM’), one of the most influential Islamic Movements in Southeast Asia. He is also the Chairman of Global Peace Mission - a coalition of 77 non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Malaysia - a humanitarian-relief organization that provides relief assistance and alleviates humanitarian crisis in areas hard hit by war and natural disasters or calamities.  He is also the Chairman of the Social, Humanitarian and Solidarity Commission, Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) based in Istanbul, Turkey.  

Ahmad Azam is being assisted by a number of Committee Members, comprising intellectuals and social activists with different background and expertise in religion, education, politics, economy, administration, community development, ethnic and international relations.



The five divisions under the organizational structure set up to carry out the vision and missions of the FGN are as follows:-

1.  Bridging and Networking

2.  Research and Publications

3.  Educational, Da’wah and Humanitarian Projects

4.  Training and Management Consultancy

5.  Finance and Administration

The administration is being supported by six staff working on fulltime basis and assisted by a number of local as well as foreign volunteers.


FGN adalah sebuah NGO yang bertujuan untuk mendaulatkan agama Islam di peringkat nasional dan global dengan menggembling tenaga intelektual, profesional dan aktivis sosial di dalam satu jaringan yang padu dan kukuh bersama Muslim NGO sejagat dengan menjadikan al-Quran dan as-Sunnah sebagai landasan perjuangannya.

Sesuai sebagai sebuah NGO,  FGN akan menumpukan kepada 5 gerak kerja utama, iaitu:-

1. Menggalak usaha-usaha strategik berorientasikan masa depan untuk menyemarak kesedaran dan penghayatan Islam;

2. Menggerak serta menyokong setiap inisiatif ke arah memperkukuh silaturrahim, memantap ukhuwwah sesama umat Islam di pelbagai lapisan dan peringkat dalam konteks Wahdatul Ummah;

3. Meningkat kefahaman dan kesedaran serta membela nasib umat tertindas di seluruh dunia melalui pendekatan advokasi;

4. Memanfaat jaringan global NGO Muslim untuk  memperkasa ekonomi umat dan solidariti;

5. Membina pakatan strategik dengan mana-mana NGO di dunia untuk memperjuangkan Tata Baru Dunia yang berteraskan keadilan dan keamanan sejagat.

Sesuai dengan peranannya sebagai sebuah NGO, FGN tidak akan berorientasikan massa, tetapi akan menjadi pelengkap (complimenting role) kepada gerakan massa yang ada.

Adalah dihasratkan dengan menumpu dan memperkasa lima gerak kerja utama ini, FGN akan dapat berperanan sebagai sebuah NGO yang mampu membina jaringan dengan NGO Muslim peringkat global dalam suatu ikatan persaudaraan Islam yang sejati demi mereliasasikan al-islam ya’lu wala yu’la’alaih — Islam itu tinggi, dan tiada suatu pun yang dapat mengatasinya.



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