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Stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza PDF Print E-mail

Future Global Network(FGN), a Malaysia-based network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the peaceful co-existence of humanity, supports the Union of Islamic NGOs in the Islamic World (UNIW) call for the Israeli genocide in Palestine to be stopped.

ImageWe call upon the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to hold an emergency meeting to deal with the Palestine situation in Gaza under the Israeli military onslaughts which had been going on unabated since March 1, killing more than 100, including a five-month old infant, and a number of children and women.

The Muslim world should condemn the Israeli occupation and aggression in Gaza and other territories of Palestine . The OIC should pressure Egypt to open its border, rather than sealing it with a nine-foot concrete wall, to enable humanitarian missions to bring aid to the besieged Palestinians in the name of humanity. Muslims cannot all be mere spectators to the Israeli carnage. The Muslim world insensitivity is encouraging the Israelis to commit more violence.

ImageThe OIC must be firmed in providing all-round assistance to Palestine . The Muslim world should provide humanitarian assistance, including scholarships to deserving Palestinians. They should not accept the western world terminology calling the  Hamas, terrorists. It is purely a misnomer and a black propaganda concocted by the Zionists and their allies against the legitimate representative of the Palestinians in Gaza . Hamas was voted into office with an overwhelming majority of mass support during the last general elections.

We condemned the Western-supported and tolerated Zionist aggression in Palestine . It should be stopped immediately and all Palestinian retaliations and rocket attacks should stop too.

This cycle of violence and atrocities should end to give peace a chance and for relief, rehabilitation and humanitarian works to be undertaken, respectively.


Ahmad Azam Abdul Rahman