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FGN hails Obama victory PDF Print E-mail

7 Nov 2008, Future Global Network (FGN) Foundation, a network of Malaysian Muslim NGOs affiliated with the Union of NGOs in the Islamic World (UNIW) based in Istanbul, Turkey advocating for peace and natural justice for all irrespective of one’s colour and creed, conveys its congratulations to the new president-elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, in the just-concluded national elections.

For most part of the last eight years, the Muslim world was thrust into the global political limelight mostly for the wrong reason. Much as the Muslim world wanted to be pros rather than cons to the political ambitions of Europe and the West, particularly the USA , nevertheless their fate had already been sealed by the framers of American foreign policy who had picked Muslims as the logical alternative to Communism after the latter’s demise sometime ago.


Change we need

The Obama campaign motto above has turned to “now we have changed,” after the Republican contender, John McCain, had conceded defeat. Likewise, the rest of the world looks forward for that “change” to be translated into reality including the previous US ‘neo-conned’ foreign policy that was apparently highly anti-Muslim.

The euphoria of Obama’s victory has reverberated through the four corners of the globe, more intensely in the African and Third World continents apart from the non-Republican Americans.

Through the coming era of President Barack Obama at the helm of the American administration, FGN have high hopes that democratic rights and justice for the colonized peoples throughout the world would now be achieved.

In addition, FGN firmly believed that harmony, cooperation and understanding between the Muslim world and the West will in due time supersede the animosity that characterized their previous relationships.

Again, FGN reiterate, Congratulations and God Speed!


Chairman, Future Global Network