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Stop Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza PDF Print E-mail

Future Global Network(FGN), a Malaysia-based network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for the peaceful co-existence of humanity, supports the Union of Islamic NGOs in the Islamic World (UNIW) call for the Israeli genocide in Palestine to be stopped.

ImageWe call upon the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to hold an emergency meeting to deal with the Palestine situation in Gaza under the Israeli military onslaughts which had been going on unabated since March 1, killing more than 100, including a five-month old infant, and a number of children and women.



6 Mac 2008

Ahli-Ahli Kumpulan Prihatin

1. Kerajaan Malaysia telah mengubah bahasa pengantar bagi mata pelajaran Sains dan Matematik di sekolah dan IPTA daripada bahasa Malaysia kepada bahasa Inggeris.

2. Tindakan ini tidak selaras dengan peruntukan Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia (perkara 152), iaitu bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa rasmi dan bahasa kebangsaan dan dengan Penyata Razak (1956) serta Akta Pendidikan (1996) yang telah menobatkan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa pengantar utama dari peringkat sekolah rendah sehinggalah peringkat universiti.

3. Walaupun dihujahkan perubahan ini hanya melibatkan dua mata pelajaran sahaja, iaitu sains dan matematik, hakikatnya perubahan ini membawa kesan yang jauh lebih parah kepada bahasa Melayu.  Sebagai contoh, menurut kajian kami, di peringkat SPM nanti, kira-kira 71 % mata pelajaran diajarkan dalam bahasa Inggeris sementara hanya 29% dalam bahasa Malaysia. Ini bermakna, bahasa Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi bahasa pengantar utama; bahasa Inggeris telah diseludupkan sebagai bahasa pengantar utama.  

FGN praises the impartiality of CHR findings on Sulu ‘massacre’ PDF Print E-mail

Future Global Network (FGN), a network of Malaysia-based non-governmental organizations (NGO) for human rights, peace and justice of humanity, welcomes the findings of the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines and praised its impartiality on the alleged ‘massacre’ of eight Moro Muslims in Ipil, Maimbung, Sulu last February 4, 2008.
Jose Manuel Mamauag, director of the Commission on Human Rights for Western Mindanao, has released the CHR findings, which recommended that charges be filed against the officers and men of the Philippine Navy Special Warfare Group (SWAG) and the Army’s Light Reaction Company (LRC) involved directly or indirectly in the mission, planning, operation, intelligence gathering, command and control of the incident, that led to the deaths of eight residents of Barangay Ipil under the principles of direct participation and command responsibility.  

FGN Bids Suharto A Safe ‘Journey’ PDF Print E-mail

28 January 2008, Future Global Network (FGN), a Kuala Lumpur-based network of non-governmental organizations (NGO) geared towards peace and justice for humanity, bade Haji Muhammad Suharto, the former president of Indonesia , a safe and secure journey to the Hereafter.
ImageWe recognize the former Indonesian president’s struggle for economic development and political stability of the vast archipelagic nation in which he succeeded to great extent. His over three decades at the helm of the most populous Muslim nation, showed a great leap in the country’s economic prosperity and development. However, the political suppression of Muslim voices, had led to unnecessary loss of lives in many instances. Therefore, while there was unprecedented success in Indonesia ’s economic progress and political stability, buoyed up by the uncharacteristic silence of its benefactor, it may have been at the expense of a number of people that were sacrificed in the process.

FGN hails Turkey ’s plan to lift ban on headscarf? PDF Print E-mail

28 January 2008, Future Global Network (FGN), a Kuala Lumpur-based network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) geared towards peace and justice for humanity, hails the Turkish government’s proposal to lift the ban on headscarf on university campuses, including women professionals and employees in public institutions.Image
The headscarf ban was imposed by the secular Turkish government “as a barrier to the perceived threat of Islam’s encroachment into the political field, and to protect women who chose not to wear the headscarf,” sometime after the military coup in 1980.

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