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We strongly condemn indiscriminate shootings and killings of Rohingya Muslims in communal outbreak in Maung Daw Township, Myanmar PDF Print E-mail


11th June 2012

We strongly condemn indiscriminate shootings and killings of Rohingya Muslims in communal outbreak in Maung Daw Township, Myanmar

We severely condemn the indiscriminate shootings and killings of 14 Rohingya Muslims and injuring many others in a communal riot on 8th June 2012 in Maung Daw Township, north of the Arakan State, Myanmar.

According to several reliable information and many tele-conversations, the riot apparently broke out due to the instigated Rakhine Buddhists’ attacks on some Rohingya Muslims while they were returning upon performing Friday congregational prayer at the Monchi Juma’a Prayer Mosque on 8th June 2012, wherein the local police personnel – religious compatriots with the Rakhines –indiscriminately shot on the Muslims, killing 14 of them and seriously injuring dozen others.

Subsequently, a Muslim physician and his wife were arrested by the local police and handed them to the dissatisfied Rakhine Monks who heinously slaughtered them while another group of the violent Rakhine mobs supported by the local police went on rampage later on the same day, whereby at least three villages called Naya Para, Natala Para and Shidda Para were burned down and looted, hundreds of Muslims, including young girls were kidnapped andNaya Para/village Friday Prayer Mosque was torched and destroyed to its ground.

The communal violence quickly spread to southern and northern Maung Daw Township where local Rohingya elders played their elderly roles and peacefully controlled and calmed down the Rohingya masses not to attack on new modal Rakhine villages – new Buddhists-settlements built on the Muslims’ lands-in the Rohingya respective villages in the areas.

According to undeniable sources of our information, the new settlers of the modal villages vide supra were already removed by the instigated Rakhine groups to the unknown safe locations immediately upon the incident in San Dwe, wherein 10 Muslims were killed by the Rakhine Buddhists on 3rd June 2012 in retaliation of killing of a Rakhine woman, allegedly by the three Muslim men in Last May this year.

In such a situation, the report on the burning down of 14 Rakhine modal villages and killings of four Rakhine Buddhists in the areas, allegedly by the Muslims have to be further verified by an independent inquiry commission as the Rohingya Muslims have no guts to do so, and they have been living in the areas in a big concentrated camp heavily guarded by despotic border security forces called Na-Sa-Ka and are well aware of retaliation by way of extra-judicial killings, physical tortures and long imprisonments of thousands of Rohingyas in the event the Buddhist and their property are touched by any of them.

Furthermore, we honestly feel to refute theStar report today at page 36 as headline, “Myanmar villagers flee sectarian clashes” and the whole contents therein are completely inaccurate and untrue as the Rohingyas are not in a position to attack any local Rakhine Buddhists as the Rohingya Muslims have no basic liberty in Myanmar and they always subject to persecution, oppression and suppression not only under the government but also under the local Rakhine Buddhists, even they have no right to make police report if they are attacked by any Rakhine Buddhists, and therefore, the of this nature should not have been reported at the local newspaper like theStar as it might provoke tension between the Rohingya and Rakhine refugees here in Malaysia. Moreover, the sources of information-Myanmar Government mouthpieces-have been proven as unreliable sources in the past.

Since the arrivals of thousands of military personnel in Maung Daw Township and imposing indefinite curfew there, the situation has been seemed under controlled and calmed starting early Saturday. However, the Rohingya Muslims worry and fear that they will be made scapegoats and punished for the wrong of the Rakhine Buddhists as it had been proven so in the past there in Arakan State.

Therefore, we earnestly appeal to the government of Myanmar to launch a fair and just inquiry into the incidents and take stern actions against those who involved in the incidents either directly or indirectly irrespective of their public and government positions and regardless their race and religion.







FGN hails Obama victory PDF Print E-mail

7 Nov 2008, Future Global Network (FGN) Foundation, a network of Malaysian Muslim NGOs affiliated with the Union of NGOs in the Islamic World (UNIW) based in Istanbul, Turkey advocating for peace and natural justice for all irrespective of one’s colour and creed, conveys its congratulations to the new president-elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, in the just-concluded national elections.

For most part of the last eight years, the Muslim world was thrust into the global political limelight mostly for the wrong reason. Much as the Muslim world wanted to be pros rather than cons to the political ambitions of Europe and the West, particularly the USA , nevertheless their fate had already been sealed by the framers of American foreign policy who had picked Muslims as the logical alternative to Communism after the latter’s demise sometime ago.

FGN calls for resumption of peace talks in Mindanao PDF Print E-mail

5 September 2008, Future Global Network (FGN) Foundation, a network of Malaysian Muslim NGOs that aims towards humanity’s peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution based on human rights, justice and fairness, calls upon the Philippine Government (GRP) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to stop shooting and return to talk peace. There is nothing to gain or to prove anything in waging a war except pride and prejudice that both sides have to sacrifice in the interest of peace and stability in this part of the world. 

The last frame of reference on the GRP-MILF peace process was the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MoA-AD) which formal signing was cancelled by the temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by the Philippines Supreme Court a day before. As such, the solution to the on-going war is for both sides to return to the MoA-AD and pick up the pieces from there towards the greater interest of the greatest number.

Assurance of Moro Ancestral Domain? PDF Print E-mail

30 July 2008, Future Global Network Foundation (FGN), a Kuala Lumpur based NGO that seeks to advance the Cause of stateless and downtrodden peoples, welcome the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) reached between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) recently. Scheduled to be formally signed in Kuala Lumpur on August 5, 2008, the Agreement:

-           Recognize the Bangsamoro people as "distinct from the rest of the national communities";

-           Grant the Bangsamoro people their own "distinct territory";

-           Grant the Bangsamoro people their own "government"; and,

-           Concede international recognition to the Bangsamoro people.

The Agreement, which took more than seven years to negotiate, is expected to provide the majority of Bangsamoro Muslims in 721 villages the much-needed relief and assurance on their ancestral domain. It could also be the beacon for their future in Muslim Mindanao, with assurance that their remaining landed properties and estates can now be safely preserved for posterity without having to fear of being ‘misappropriated’ by any carpetbaggers without their consent.

Turkey’s Constitutional Crisis, a cause for concern: FGN PDF Print E-mail

Image10 June 2008, Future Global Network (FGN) views the deepening constitutional crisis in Turkey with grave concern as it affects a great number of the ummah in that part of the world to great extent. The Justice and Development (AK) Party is facing closure in the wake of the Constitutional Amendments the party had endeavoured to draft with the concurrence of other coalition parties and successfully passed into law  to reverse the headscarf ban in universities.
The Constitutional Court ’s decision on June 5 to overturn the Act of Parliament on the headscarf issue is unprecedented in the annals of political history. It smacks of the principle of secular democratic systems on separation of powers between the administrative, legislative and judiciary branches of the government, and between the religion and state. The Court’s decision also effectively put the judiciary high above the legislature, instead of being at par with each other.

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